Prior to gaining access to the miniaturization of holographic technology upon entry into the galactic community, Humanity relied on ultra-thin flexible screens for many portable display needs. Since things like blueprints, strategic and survey maps, or medical diagrams could not be usefully displayed or manipulated on the small screens of portables, flex-screens were used for practical deployment of such needs in the field. As the thin screens could be folded, rolled, and otherwise compressed for storage, but offered full touch functionality, they served in many of the roles other races used miniaturized holographic projection for.

Once Humanity entered the galactic community, flex-screens were largely phased out in favor of the more versatile holo-displays, though they still find niche use in a number of areas, ranging from space-saving decorations to board games. Much to the surprise of some, though not to the Humans who knew their practical value, the flex-screens also found a galactic market. In particular, their use as cheap, portable, artificial windows has become common for the lower ranked members of ship companies the galaxy over.

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