Of all the commonly developed technologies for interstellar species, the various types of holographic tech are among the most utterly diverse. With several differing, yet common, forms of holographic tech having been confirmed to have developed independently in at least three dozen species, it is hardly a shock that no one unified system has ever come out completely on top. Despite the many variances in the technologies, they can genearlly be split into two main categories, Hologram technologies and Hard-Light Holo projections.

Hologram tech is by far the more common in the galaxy. While the nearly undisputed masters of this technology are the Aoreli, virtually every star-fairing race has independently developed the technology, usually for entertainment or communications. Both of those areas are the reason for the common presence of some form of hologram projecting technology in virtually every home and on every ship galaxy wide. All of these technologies create images only, with limited or (more usually) no haptic feedback. The differences between the technologies of each species are generally along the lines of either image quality, or critical differences in the spectrum of light or colors that each species perceives. The Aoreli produce the highest density, widest color spectrum hologram tech in the galaxy, with the opposite end being a few marginal species that barely produce more than monochrome shades with their versions. Likewise, many manufacturers that produce species-specific models stay in business on the grounds that no hologram technology suitable to quality images for every species has ever been created.

Hard-Light Holo projectors are an entirely different animal, so to speak. While, on surface impression, they appear to project similar images to their hologram cousins, the reality is critically different. These projectors, after all, can generate a projection that can be physicality touched. The means of creation for these "hard-light" constructs actually varies somewhat, producing equally varied results. The most common varieties either produce a monotone construct, which are mostly used for tools and the like, or full-color projections used for ship displays and entertainment suites. Who creates the best hard-light projectors is a subject of some considerable debate. The Aoreli have a very good system, as to the Kalopei and the Eletheen. Even relative newcomers like Humanity have pushed very solid hard-light tech forward quickly, with Humanity in particular rapidly becoming competitive on the basis of their superior power technologies.

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