While the application device tends to vary from species to species, depending both on the medical technology of that species and their physiological characteristics, some manner of nanite injector is the most common way to deliver drugs, both medical and recreational. The two most common variations are a pen-shaped object that deploys needleless drugs, and a tiny gun-shaped injector that employs a micro-needle. The former are more common in recreational drugs or simple first aid, and are a bit slower to work. The later are typically medical injectors, needing less time to get the nanites into the treated being's bloodstream.

The single most common use of such technologies has long since been the use of various stimulants. As these are typically used purely for non-medical needs, to stave off tiredness or sharpen the user's focus, they are more typically in the slower but less frightening stimulant pens. Professionals who require stronger stimulants for emergencies are more likely to use injectors. It should also be noted that species with thicker skins often requires the micro-needle version for all needs.

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