While never a true galactic power, the Varaseen were well known to the galactic community because of their utterly unique crystal technology. While many species have theorized the possibility in fiction, and occasional one-off, small scale projects have been created by artisans and engineers of several species, only the Veraseen based their entire technological development on grown crystal.

The path of their spectacular technology was governed by a homeworld that is extremely metal-poor, at least in easily accessible forms or areas. As a result of such limited access to basic metals, the inventors and innovators of the Veraseen started on their technology path by observing the many types of natural crystals that were much more plentiful than metals on their world. Eventually, as necessity drove invention, the species learned how to shape crystal as it grew, and later how to synthesize new types of crystal for their continued needs.

While this process led to a much slower industrial and information age, the end result of nanite-infused, self-replicating crystalline tech was a breathtaking and potent achievement. Their starships were considered to be of the absolute best quality in their sector of the galaxy, and many other bits of their technology were sought after for both superior quality and undeniable beauty.

Sadly, the 400 year war that was waged between the Tralzeen and Varaseen resulted in near complete obliteration of the the Veraseen Crystal Technology. With engineers and scientists who understood the workings of the technology having been prime targets for assassination, most of the records being destroyed in the war, and the previous refusal to spread the knowledge of their methods, only the crudest knowledge of its creation remains. It is hoped that continued analysis of remaining examples may someday reproduce the beautiful and effective results of this nearly lost technology.

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