Virtual Intelligence Matrices(VIM) are ubiquitous throughout the known galaxy. As with many such technologies, it cannot be said exactly who invented them first, as most races who achieve faster-than-light travel independently develop VIM of some variety long before first contact. It can, however, be said that the Aoreli are the acknowledged masters of the technology, producing both the absolute highest quality VIM and the highest quantity of those VIM. It was only with Humanity's entry into VIM research fields that any true challenger appeared, and even there the Human's built their foundation on Aoreli VIM technology.

If pressed, few will deny that the Aoreli dominance in this area is ultimately a good thing. Unlike with many other systems and technologies, the Aoreli have had sufficient control of the market for long enough to have effectively standardized the systems involved. This is extremely critical, given that VIM suffuse and run virtually every area of the modern galaxy, and incompatibilities could lead to disaster.

When most people consider VIM their thoughts generally jump to entertainment versions, such as those used in games, holo programs, and simulations. The truth, however, is that VIM are absolutely everywhere. Every ship has at least one VIM, and usually more. Every station has hundreds, every handheld computer, home entertainment system, comm device, and so on, all of them run off some manner of Virtual Intelligence Matrix. These VIM simplify the use of all of them above, bringing skill sets like basic piloting or trading goods with a planet a dozen systems away in reach of the average galactic citizen.

As to the VIM themselves, they could be described as limited machine intelligences. Complex, and extremely capable at the tasks they are programed for, but unable to deviate from their programming. It is this basic lack, the inability to self-actualize, that keeps even the most sophisticated and life-like VIM from being considered sentient beings.

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